Welcome to my Psychotherapy Practice
in East Berlin / Therapy Provided in English

Living abroad can be quite difficult, especially if you had to leave your country because of particular reasons, or being confronted here with new challenges in addition to coping with problems you already have had…

Psychotherapy can really help when you aren’t feeling well and no longer know what to do.

Are you lacking the energy you used to have, or the ability to handle life’s vital aspects? Are you no longer able to sleep well or work efficiently? Are you suffering from anxiety, such as over your day-to-day existence, or anxiety over global events and developments?

The therapy I practice is psychoanalysis originating from the Theory of Neurosis by Otto Fenichel. This means that I can help you making connections between your early stages of life and the wider social context you are embedded in. Psychoanalytic therapy in a non-regressive setting based on Otto Fenichel presuppositions is a healing method through which you can mutually better understand your life and the world around you.

Where can you find me?

My practise is based in Köpenick near the Forum Köpenick.
It's just 12 minutes by S Bahn from Ostkreuz.

Dipl.-Psych. Susanne Schade
Bahnhofstraße 41
12555 Berlin Köpenick



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I can always be reached by phone 10 minutes before the top of the hour:
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between 10am and 7pm

Mobile: +49 151 41612357