The Anti-Racist Politics of Otto Fenichel

Otto Fenichel Lecture for the «Coletivo Psicanálise: Clínica e Política»

The Brazilian collective «Coletivo Psicanálise: Clínica e Política» invited me to give a lecture on Otto Fenichel, who is not so much known neither in Germany nor in other countries due to political dimensions of his work.

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Attachment Patterns

The nature of a child's ties to their mother and/or father or, for that matter, any person of any gender has an immense impact on how they will relate to other people later on in life, for instance, friends, partners, colleagues and their wider family.

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Film Tip

Film Tip: Barry Jenkins “Moonlight”

Barry Jenkins’ film Moonlight (2016), the recipient of three Oscar awards, is a coming-of-age biopic of an ordinary African American male from an impoverished milieu who is struggling with his sexual identity and sense of self. 

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Homesick in Berlin

Homesick in Berlin and what to do?

Have you just arrived in Berlin or have you already been living for quite a while here in Berlin?  Feelings of homesickness can appear from time to time while living abroad.

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Couple Therapy - 3 Principles

Three principles of couple relationships

The most famous psychoanalytic couple therapist in Germany is Jörg Willi. Already in the 1970’s, this professor of psychiatry in Zurich wrote a book about his experience working with couples in his practice.

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Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy – Narcissistic Partnerships

Sometimes it can be very easy to detect narcissists. Within the first 10 minutes of meeting them, for instance, they might immediately bring to your attention the many astounding qualities they have.

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