Couple Therapy in English in Berlin

Being in a relationship makes sharing easier. Two people sharing their life together can be stronger than just one person living their life alone. Partially, we perceive the other person as being part of ourselves and thus when we do something for him or her, we do this for ourselves as well (Mitscherlich, 1994).

But sometimes, unfortunately, things can get out of hand: both partners might feel, for instance, that their relationship isn’t headed anywhere and, as a result, pointless and gruelling conflicts end up occurring. One partner might be perceived as being egoistic, indifferent, aggressive or demanding while the other partner might have the impression that they aren’t being loved enough. Both partners might even lose interest in sex and it might also be the case that everything just seems to revolve around work and the kids.

In couple therapy, you can get to the bottom of all these things.  You can learn to better understand yourself while gaining a greater understanding and appreciation of your partner. In my psychological practice, I focus on creating an empowering, holistic atmosphere where you and your partner can explore with me any issues affecting your relationship. Using psychoanalysis, together we can gain a deeper insight into the dynamics of your relationship and help you both find new ways to make your relationship work.